Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Ep 007: An Officer and a Metalman

After “The Caretaker,” the internet is abuzz with conversations about the Doctor/Clara/Danny dynamic, and we are no different! Who thinks Danny is setting too many rules, and who is okay with the ultimatum? We also puzzle out the Smith look-a-like, chat bit more about Missy, and dig into the Officer/Soldier comparisons going on in this episode.

Later, we have our review of “Planet of Fire.” After we have a giggle, we jump into a more serious topic. What was the writers initial intent to the back-story of back story of the people of Sarn and Trion, and what do we think of what got left after the cut?

This is an episode we would love some feedback on, so post away! Did you have an opinion on any of this before, and did any of us sway you?

00:00 - Intro
03:13 - The Caretaker
41:11 - Planet of Fire

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