Sunday, November 12, 2017

Ep 079: The Five Podcasters

In this episode, we review the story The Five Doctors, and have a discussion about our third anniversary.

For The Five Doctors review, we look at this anniversary story. Does the plot work, or does that not even matter? How does Rassilon and the Time Lords compare to what we know of them from other stories? Do we think this is a good starting point for Classic Who?

For our much delayed third anniversary discussion, we talk about the origins of the podcast, and what effect it has had on our lives. How do handle what to edit, what to keep in, and what happens when we don’t agree? And how much content is there for a queer podcast to talk about?

Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro
00:48 The Five Doctors review
36:07 Third Anniversary discussion

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Opening and closing music:
Doctor Who In Dub 2010 by Smerins Anti-Social Club


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