Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ep 004: So Many Merry Men

In this episode of The Web of Queer, we review series 8, episode 3, “Robot of Sherwood.” What did we think of the episode, how does the plot hold up, and what do we think of the new information this episode gave us of the Promised Land?
Later, we take a brief look at some the gay men of Who, covering some fine gentlemen from the Classic and new series, as well as Big Finish and books.

Patrick Troughton Robin Hood clip:

Jake Simmonds cut scene:

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  1. Just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying your show. Love your insights, and love that you don't always agree, and love learning about all the insights that I as an American miss.

    Looking forward to the next episode.

    1. Maddy - I've listened to your podcast a few times and enjoyed them very much. Nice work!

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  2. I like how the podcast has two parts: the review of the most recent episode and then another topic or classic Who episode. Interesting conversation about gay men in the Whoverse. I have never paid much attention to the Big Finnish or Who-related books before. I might check some of those out based on this conversation.

    And as to the golden arrow ending: I saw it as being very much in keeping with the theme of "heroes" and "legends". Legends are known to do impossible things that defy logical explanation. :)

    Regarding watching "Time & the Rani". I think it was in the bottom 10 of the recent Doctor Who magazine poll of best Doctor Who stories (only TV). Look at first list. It was #239 out of 241. Have fun. :)


    1. We're planning to do more with the books and Big Finish in the future. It's going to be new territory for me, but I'm looking forward to it.

      While the arrow thing was definitely in line with the legends, I wish they'd found a way to incorporate it that made more sense.

      We're actually watching "Mark of the Rani" not "Time and the Rani" this week. So I'll be spared watching it for now. I'm sure Josh will inflict it on Jessica and me sooner or later.

  3. OOPS, sorry. I've always gotten the two Rani stories mixed up. I think "Mark" is a bit better than "Time", but I like both nonetheless. Have fun.